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2021 MMIRA Asia Regional / 7th JSMMR Annual Conference
Poster Presentations #1-12

Digital posters and slides for the following presentations will be posted when ready. The viewing period is from Saturday, October 23, 2021, 9:00 to Saturday, November 28, 2021, 23:59 (Japan Standard Time).

Empirical Research(経験的研究)

P1 : Misuzu Taguchi
Impact and Experience of Nursing Students following End-of-life Care Simulation: Mixed Methods Literature Review
P2 : Yoko Mori
Reflecting on student teachers' expectations and their sense of fulfillment in a TESOL program in the era of globalization

Methodological Research(方法論的研究)

P3 : Tomoko Kamei
Prospective longitudinal mixed methods study design for program evaluation in an intergenerational program
P4 : Hisako Kakai
A fully longitudinal mixed methods case study design to understand and evaluate changes of a phenomenon over time
P5 : Houshen Li
Exploring Geographic Variations in COVID-19 Vaccination Coverage and Associated Factors in Shenzhen, China: A Study Protocol of An Explanatory Sequential Mixed-Method Study
P6 : Yang Wang
Learning frontier academic knowledge in journals’ research area using mixed method research
P7 : 原田 智世
COVID-19 流行下におけるテレナーシングの縦断的混合研究法を用いた評価
P8 : 成田 慶一

Special Report by Research Project(科研特別発表)

P9 : 抱井 尚子
P10: 八田 太一
混合研究法における「統合」の実現形態―MMR 教育ニーズの含意
P11: 稲葉 光行
看護研究における混合研究法の学習と実践のハードル―GTxA によるフォーカスグループインタビューの逐語録分析から-
P12: 大河原 知嘉子

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