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2021 MMIRA Asia Regional / 7th JSMMR Annual Conference
Oral Presentations #1-13

On-demand videos for the following presentations will be posted when ready. The viewing period is from Saturday, October 23, 2021, 9:00 to Saturday, November 28, 2021, 23:59 (Japan Standard Time).

Empirical Research(経験的研究)

O1 : Ayako Ido
A mixed-method study on households’ motivation to participate in forest management project
O2 : Su-I Hou
A Mixed Methods Outcome Evaluation on Mixed Methods Research (MMR) Competencies.
O3 : Tomoyo Harada
Telecommunication between People with Home Care and Telenurses: Negative Auxiliary Verbs from People Used in Telenursing
O4 : Toshiyuki Ojima
Functions to be strengthened in public health centers
O5 : Yui Matsuda
Crossover Analysis of Hispanic Parent-Child Communication about Risky Health Behaviors
O6 : Yui Matsuda
The Utilization and Evaluation of Peer-to-Peer Health Education by Nursing Students
O7 : 申 知元
O8 : 江 秀杰

Methodological Research(方法論的研究)

O9 : David McKenzie
Applying Mixed Methods Approaches to Grounded theory With Action Research
O10: Aniekan Udosen
The use of mixed methods research in communication studies
O11: Peggy Shannon-Baker
Using Frameworks in a Systematic Literature Review: Examining Race in Mixed and Multi- Method Research on Implicit Bias
O12: Yuki Takeuchi
Joint display figures – Opportunities for visualizing mixed methods findings
O13: Michael D. Fetters
Utilizing Joint Displays of Integrated Data Collection in Mixed Methods Research Studies

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