Call for Workshop Proposals

MMIRA Asia Regional Conference 2019 / The 5th JSMMR Annual Conference

Call for Workshop Proposals

   The entry for workshop proposals has been closed. 

 MMIRA Asia Regional Conference 2019 and the 5th JSMMR Annual Conference will be jointly held between 14th and 16th of September in 2019 in Hamamatsu, Shizuoka, Japan. We call for proposals for workshops among Mixed Methods researchers (each session will cost 5,000 yen for participants to participate). 

o  We will schedule workshops by domestic researchers in the morning of 14th of September, and workshops by international researchers in the afternoon of September 16th.

o  If the proposal is accepted, we will not pay an honorarium but will waive the conference participation fee.

o  The proposed workshop should have the followings:

1.         It should be 3 hours in duration.

2.         It should be provided in English or Japanese.

3.         It should contribute to the development and improvement of MMR knowledge and/or skills.

4.         It should have clear aims and goals for expected participants.

o  Click here to download the template to submit the proposal.

o  The deadline of submission in Word and PDF formats is March 31st 2019 (by JST_UTC+9, 23:59).  >>>The entry for workshop proposals has been closed. 

o  The submitted version will be printed exactly as typed in on the proceedings.