Call for Papers

MMIRA Asia Regional Conference 2019 / The 5th JSMMR Annual Conference 

Call for Papers – Roundtables and Oral Presentations 
Submission Requirements and Deadlines
<<< The entry for presentation proposals has been closed. >>>

MMIRA Asia Regional Conference 2019 / The 5th JSMMR Annual Conference would like to invite submissions for Roundtable and Oral Presentation sessions. Roundtable sessions in the 4th JSMMR Annual Conference were successful as then promoted active discussion among presenters and participants. So, Roundtable sessions are scheduled for MMIRA Asia Regional Conference 2019 / The 5th JSMMR Annual Conference again. Authors wishing to discuss in a relatively smaller group (compared to Oral Presentations) are encouraged to submit an abstract for a Roundtable session. 

1. Submission Procedure

Click here [link] for title registration. Click here [link] to download the instructions (template) for abstract preparation. Submit abstracts by email to the email address listed below. For details, read "3.Guidelines for Title Registration and Abstract Preparation" below. 

2. Submission Period

February 1, 2019 to April 30, 2019 (by JST_UTC+9 23:59).  The entry for presentation proposals has been closed. 

3-1. Title Registration

Click here [link] to input the following information: Research Category (Empirical Research or Methodology), Language (English or Japanese), Presentation Category (Oral Presentation or Roundtable), Title, First Author, First Author’s email address, First Author’s email address (confirmation), Organization, Affiliation, and Discipline/Profession. 

3-2. Abstract Format

Prepare and submit your abstract electronically by following the instructions. Create your manuscript exactly as specified in the template provided, and do not change the layout, such as margins. The abstract should be within one A4-size page. Text only (no tables or figures are allowed in the abstract). MMIRA Asia Regional Conference 2019 / The 5th JSMMR Annual Conference Proceedings will be printed in black and white. 

3-3. Abstract Style

Proceedings template ([Empirical] / [Methodological] ) provides the style. If the format is changed when copying and pasting, reset the style so that the abstract is prepared in the proper style and format. 

3-4. Abstract Submission by Email The entry for presentation proposals has been closed. 

Save your WORD file as a PDF file to check that the whole abstract appears within one A4 page. Email the PDF file only to the Conference Reviewing Committee’s email address below. Your manuscript will appear in the Proceedings exactly as you type it in. When both the title registration and email submission are done, the submission process is complete. You are required to do both before the deadline.

MMIRA Asia Regional Conference 2019 /
The 5th JSMMR Annual Conference
Review Committee
Mail: secretary.jsmmr(a)          * Change (a) to @

4. Oral Presentation Guidelines

  • The duration of each Oral Presentation should last 20 minutes (strictly).
  • One session has 2 to 3 Oral Presentations. After all Oral Presentations in one session are finished, there should be discussion time at the end.
  • Each room is equipped with a projection system and PC. However, presenters can bring their own PC.
  • Each room has Mini D-Sub15 Pin as an output connector. Presenters wishing to use Mac or a special connector such as HDMI should bring their own connector.
  • Prepare and bring the presentation file saved in PowerPoint (.ppt), (.pptx) file format. PC Projector PC resolution is 1024×768(Aspect Ratio 4: 3). 

5. Roundtable Guidelines

  • Each session is 40 minutes.
  • Each room will have one table and 10 chairs.
  • For an ongoing research project, or for a research project at the planning stage, and the author wishing to have discussion, it is recommended to submit an abstract for a Roundtable session.
  • Presenters can distribute handouts, or show illustrated materials etc. as they see fit. Roundtable session rooms will not have a projector nor a screen. However, presenters are allowed to use their own tablet or PC screen to present.
  • In the first 10 minutes or so, the presenter should talk about the research project and any issues. It is advised to share, for example, difficulties and remaining tasks in conducting the particular research project.
  • Participants are encouraged to ask questions to, for example, check the content. Continue to exchange opinions and discuss further.
  • Discussions should be constructive. Participants should refrain from giving negative comments.
  • The Roundtable sessions provide opportunities for presenters and the participants to discuss and consider research projects using various interests, standpoints, styles to draw hints and suggestions. The Roundtable sessions are not aimed at reaching one conclusion.  

6. Notification of Review Outcome

All submitted abstracts will be reviewed. The notification of review outcome will be sent within May to the email address registered on the title registration site.

 7. Abstract Template