Information for Presenters

Program for oral and poster presentations

    Please check your presentation schedule and conference layout.

   Oral Presentations

  • The length of each presentation is 20 minutes (15 minute presentations, plus 5 minutes for discussion), and we will have you use slides for your presentation.
  • On 9/20 (Sun.), during each 90 minute session between 9:00~10:30 and 10:45~12:15, we are planning 4 presentations plus 10 minutes of over all discussion.
  • Please be aware that your presentation time is strictly limited.
  • You may use the Windows PC provided here (you may use your own PC, however, please prepare accordingly to ensure a smooth connection).
  • Please create your presentation in Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 or 2013.
  • If you are using audio or video files, please test these materials prior to your session start time.
  • If you use a Mac, you may bring along an adapter to connect your computer.
  • If you’ve chosen to give a “bilingual” presentation, please mainly use English during the presentation and discussion. Please have the slides in English, with Japanese written alongside the English text. If there is a question from the audience in Japanese, you may respond in Japanese. If you’ve chosen to present in only English or Japanese, please feel free to present in that language.

Poster Presentations

  • For each presentation, poster board size is limited to the dimensions of height 180cm and width 90cm. Since your poster will be touching the next poster, please ensure that it is no wider than 90cm. (Reference: A0 size is 841 x 1189mm).
  • You may display your poster beginning at 8:20 AM on 9/19 (Sat).
  • On 9/19 (Sat.) between 17:30~18:30, please feel free to stand in front of your poster and discuss your presentation with conference attendees.